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Does Laser Treatment Work Well with Stretch Marks?

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You may be tired of using an anti-stretch mark product that you find ineffective in getting rid of the ugly lines. Laser treatment may help you in this case. It is a breakthrough in skin care treatment that can promise you of a striae-free skin.

You may think that you look like a zebra with the stripes appearing on your thighs, belly and arms. There are many factors to this skin condition. You may be uncomfortable wearing your favorite bikini since you don’t want to look like a lost zebra on the beach.

Laser Treatment

This approach in eliminating stretch marks aims to bring back the smooth and natural look to your skin by restoring collagen. You know very well how important this protein is which serves as the framework to your skin.

If laser treatment works effectively in enhancing collagen production, then it solves the main cause to the problem. However, there are certain dilemmas to this.

Laser breaks down, vaporizes and eliminates tissues and do not restore them. Some experts believe in this effect. This gives way to an uncertainty whether it really works well with stretch marks or not. Yes, laser tears down tissues and some skin specialists believe this action may be effective in the removal of striae.

Laser Treatment for Old Marks

You may be dealing with stretch marks for quite a long time already. These old marks that are often brownish or reddish in color may be harder to deal with. Laser treatment is said to be less effective in treating the said type of striae. However, you may hope that this treatment can lessen or can be still effective in getting rid of even the old stretch marks.

How Much Money You Need to Have

Laser treatment may cost about 400-1500 dollars. Indeed, it is a big amount of money. It does not only require enough financial resources but also your time. Treatment sessions may take up to an hour and stretch marks treatment is not only a one-time deal.

You may need series of treatment sessions which can take a lot of your time. However, consider this approach in stretch mark treatment as your “Me” time. You deserve the proven benefits of laser treatment.

Possible Risks

You may be well decided on having a laser treatment and you already have the money for the procedure on hand. However, have you considered the risks you can get from undergoing this stretch mark treatment?

A pinkish discoloration may be noted after the session. Also, pain may be felt during the treatment or may be a tingling sensation which can be discomforting. The skin may also appear reddened and swollen which eventually wear off. However, laser treatment may also leave you with the brownish skin discoloration that can be permanent.

Making up your mind is definitely not easy. Laser treatment may involve time, money and possible risks that may be making decision-making hard for you. Discuss with your doctor about what more to expect from this stretch mark treatment.

The Best Treatment for Stretch Marks

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Skin care experts may agree that the best treatment for striae or stretch marks is still prevention. They usually affect the skin on your belly, thighs, and upper arms and even around your breasts after a pregnancy. These unsightly lines on your skin may appear when the middle layer of your skin is overstretched.

Your connective tissue underneath may break, get inflamed and form scarring. Yes, these ugly lines are scars.


Stretch marks are more likely to appear during puberty stage and hormonal factors may be one of the common culprits to this skin condition. This is why it is more common among females like you. Long term steroid use may be one of the causes to the development of the stripes.

Weight changes such as weight loss or gain may also leave you with the disastrous striae. You have learned for sure about how lifting metals can leave you with the unsightly marks.

How to Prevent Them

The use of lotions and certain stretch mark creams may help in preventing the appearance of stretch marks. However, tanning products such as oil may be used during treatment as to conceal them.

Remedies that can eliminate stretch marks totally or even prevent them do not exist. However, some products may work well on your skin specifically in the prevention of the stripes.

Lifting Metals

Fitness articles will tell you that weight training may increase the incidence of developing striae. Just by choosing the best and the most appropriate program for you will lessen or prevent stretch marks.

Avoid adding more weights in hoping that you can get faster and better results by doing so. Do not compromise your skin health. You don’t want to trade a smoother-looking skin to large muscles that may eventually pass.

Work on losing body fats. This may help you reduce the appearance of the unsightly scars on your skin. You may notice that stretch marks usually appear on fatty areas such as on your upper arms, thighs and belly.


The key to stretch mark prevention is having a healthy integument. Your skin integrity can contribute a lot in sparing your skin from the development of the ugly striae. Eat a diet with adequate amounts of vitamins A, E and C. These are the nutrients that your skin needs to be nourished with.

What are the best sources of these substances? Veggies and fruits are great choices of foods in caring for your skin. Having a daily supplement of the said vitamins may also help in order to compensate for an insufficient intake of the said nutrients.


So what will help you prevent the unsightly zebra stripes on your skin? There are several ways on how to do it. A balanced nutrition, proper weight training, eliminating body fat and the use of stretch mark products may help you stay away from stretch marks. Why is prevention the best treatment to striae? It is simple. Always, treatment of existing conditions is always more difficult and costly than preventing them to occur.